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Every Building Information Model (BIM) needs a Level of Development (LOD). If you’re in the industry, you know this is a given. However, if you feel that the descriptions of LODs can be vague, you’re not alone. In 2011 the AIA and AGC BIM Forum collaborated to create better LOD definitions. Their goal was to expand on the definitions to enhance clarity. Additionally, they created examples to bring even more clarity to the specifications. The decided upon definitions can be found at the AIA website.


The differences between LOD levels can be vast. For instance, LOD 100 requires no actual physical geometry, while LOD 400 is extremely specific in terms of location, quantity, shape, orientation, size, etc.

So, what is truly needed in your LOD? Well, that answer truly depends on the project requirements. For example, full trade coordination often requires an LOD beyond the 300 level, but some projects might require something even more specific.

No matter what level of LOD is required, it’s good practice to keep in mind the purpose of LOD. Throughout the creation process, ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Does the information provided help the entire team gain clarity of what is expected in a BIM deliverable?
  2. Does the information in the LOD explain the amount of detail that needs to be provided throughout the entirety of the project?
  3. Is there a standard present that can be referenced via contracts and BIM execution plans?

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