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MP Drafting & Design offers the following services:

Shop Drawings

  • Storefront
  • Curtain wall
  • All-glass entrances & partitions
  • Handrail systems
  • Guardrail systems
  • Metal panel and cladding systems
  • Sunshades
  • Custom fabrication

BIM/3D Services

  • Full glazing 3D models
  • Revit integration
  • Facilities management information as required

Thermal Modeling Support

  • Both 2D and 3D

Custom and One-Off Design and Engineering

  • Signage
  • Custom aluminum and glass structures
  • Proposal drawings

Professional Engineering Support

  • Through a network of engineers
  • Stamped drawings and stamped structural calculations

Job Examples

Custom Guardrail and Handrail

APUS Finance Center

Custom drafting and engineering for glass fabricator and steel fabricator

  • Included full fabrication and glass template drawings
Downtown Market

Storefront and curtain wall shop drawings

  • Interior and Exterior

Curtain Wall

Whirlpool Corp. Headquarters

Curtain wall shop drawings and engineering coordination

  • 3D thermal modeling coordination

Custom Capabilities

Chase Signage

Worked with glass and metal fabricator to develop shop and fabrication drawings for the custom rotating sign. Included coordination for LED lighting and mounting requirements as well as involvement from the professional engineer.

BIM Capabilities

BIM available for all components we provide shop drawings for:

Storefront, curtain wall, sunshades, guardrails, etc.

3D object integration for architect’s BIM model

Typical “level of detail” provided is 300, (higher available)

  • LOD 300: “Composite model assembly with specific overall thickness that accounts for veneer, structure, insulation, air space and interior skin specified for the wall system.”
  • LOD 350: “Main structural members such as headers and jambs at openings are modeled within the composite assembly” This also includes individual framing members shown for the curtain wall.
  • Facilities maintenance specific information can also be included per project requirements.

3D detail and parts design for sales, office or field use


“We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality, most comprehensive shop drawings at competitive pricing with quick turnaround times. Every project is extremely important to us, whether our clients need a single storefront entrance or a large scale engineered curtain wall package.”


Marcus Dreher (Owner, MP Drafting & Design)

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