The Importance of BIM – Example: Bergeron Center for Engineering Excellence

Construction is always a multi-step team project. Depending on the amount of complexity, it can be difficult to communicate effectively to all involved in the project. The purpose of BIM technology is to give clarity to the entire team throughout all phases of development.

An amazing, unique, and complex example of how BIM can assist a team in a building’s creation is the Bergeron Center for Engineering Excellence at York University in Toronto. The building is the epitome of modern architectural design.

Inspired by Sir Roger Penrose, this 169,000 sq. ft., uniquely ovoid-shaped five-story building is 85% clad in only 3 different triangular shapes. The design utilizes Penrose’s tessellation patterns, efficiently creating repetitive patterns using a limited number of shapes. The panels inflect at up to 2’’ depth, in varying colors, to create a more dynamic effect.


To add to the challenge during construction, the building’s opening date was set for early September, which required construction during the winter. This required coordination to ensure a warm, dry environment, not only for the process of construction, but also for the installation of the building systems and expensive laboratory equipment. The solution was off site production and speedy assembly of the building envelope.

Costas Catsaros, Associate at Zas Architects + Interiors, the brilliant minds behind this project, credits BIM technology with the success and timeliness of completion of the design. Having a high level BIM and being able to effectively share it with the very large team was key. During this intense process, BIM touched every part of the project from design to steel fabrication and rainscreen panelization coordination.

The design and construction of this building is a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of everyone involved and the importance of BIM. We at MP Drafting, tip our hats to everyone involved in this project.

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