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“Smart windows” are the way of the future, according to a recent report released by industry analyst n-tech Research. The report estimates that the market for materials used to create “smart windows” will grow to approximately $760 million by 2020.

The report included materials such as SPD, PDLC, electrochomics, thermochromics, and other “smart window” components in the analysis. Many of these materials have already been experiencing an increase in utilization.

Additionally, products that implement these materials such as Pleotint’s thermochromic product, Suntuitive, have seen installation rates rise exponentially, some by over 160 percent.

Product awareness and major advancements in the technology has been credited by some for this optimistic future. “Smart windows” can cut energy costs while increasing comfort for building occupants by adjusting tint according to the amount of light and heat being produced by the sun. These benefits have been welcomed by the public as seen by increased consumer-driven sales.

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