The Silo Hunting Cabin

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Builders are becoming more and more inventive in reusing old structures instead of building new ones. This ingenuity can’t be ignored when you see the functional, rustic, and downright amazing hunting cabin two brothers from Kansas City, crafted out of a silo.

Driven by their love for hunting and for the land, Rehan and Josh Nana decided to create their hunting cabin from an unused silo as opposed to creating one from scratch.  “The silo fits into the environment,” Rehan says. “And we liked the idea of re-purposing something that would otherwise be left fallow.” The theme of re-purposing is carried on throughout the cabin in the utilization of materials found on their property, such as wooden beams and a tin roof from other unused buildings.

Eschewing modern entertainment devices, the brothers come to the cabin to experience the peace of nature and the beauty of the land. To maximize their enjoyment of the property from their new hunting domain, they cut away a portion of the silo’s corrugated steel exterior and installed large glass panels, creating a spectacular window.

The brothers seem to hold a great appreciation for the land. It’s their intention is to help encourage the property’s native habitat to thrive, ensuring good hunting not only for themselves but for future generations.

For more images and information on this inventive hunting cabin visit the original article on the Garden and Gun website.

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