Get Off your “Glass” – Shop Drawings and Stand Up Desks

We recently had the pleasure of providing shop drawings for the glazing systems on this unique and impressive building. Now that the Mercy Health headquarters is in use, it impresses us further with the systems its designers have put in place to improve the lives of all their employees.

To increase employee health and satisfaction, non-typical perks and incentives are becoming more popular with companies, and businesses are making changes to their physical workspaces as well. Champlin Architecture has taken a comprehensive approach in designing the workflow of the building, creating an atmosphere that allows and encourages employees to utilize these features, without just providing one or two options to break up a standard work day.

Of course we are proud of the glazing on this job and our part in it, as the excellent daylighting features bring in the natural light that is so beneficial for mental and physical health. . However, Champlin Architecture did an amazing job of including other nontraditional features in order to boost employees’ health, including:

  • Stand up desks for all employees
  • Treadmill desks at each floor
  • A fitness center with classes
  • Stairways designed to encourage interaction
  • Walking paths
  • A prayer garden

These are just a few examples!

The Mercy Health design team demonstrated remarkable foresight in its design of this building. Inspired by its innovative ideas, we are currently reviewing our own spaces and determining how many of these benefits we can offer our staff. We look forward to watching how other businesses adapt and renovate their current buildings to focus on employee well-being and health.

Article Link:

Mercy Health’s new $71M HQ keeps employees on their toes: FIRST LOOK (Video) – Cincinnati Business Courier

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