Inspection Drones

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It’s imperative that a building be inspected after construction and routinely thereafter. However, inspections can not only incur great expense but often come with great risk to the inspector’s safety. Unmaintained tie-off points, inclement weather, and, apparently, deranged bricklayers, are all safety hazards faced by inspectors.

After a few close calls of his own, including one with a bricklayer, Karol Kazmierczak came up with an inspection solution that is sure to make inspectors breathe a bit easier. Kazmierczak modified a remote-controlled drone to complete the inspections for him. Using this ingenious technique not only keeps him safe but allows him to access places that are hard to reach.

Not only is this a safer method, but it’s also more cost-effective. For the cost of a few hundred dollars, this modified unmanned aircraft saves thousands of dollars in equipment rental fees. When you have a drone, there’s no need to rent scaffolds, cherry pickers, or other equipment to reach normally inaccessible areas.

The modified drone doesn’t have to sit in a box collecting dust until the next inspection, either. It can be utilized for drafting and assessments due to its ability to take aerial shots, making it a worthy investment.

To learn more about how Kazmierczak’s drones are reducing risk and saving money, visit the original article on his website.

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