How to Design Facade Interfaces

 In Building Enclosure Consulting

Your mother always advised you to dress in layers. Who knew that her advice would be relevant to your career in construction and architecture?

Karol Kazmierczak, a building facade consultant, suggests utilizing a system of layering when designing facade interfaces. His goal is to ensure the continuity of layers across all parts of the building.

His recommended layers include:

  • Weather screen
  • Vapor-permeable waterproofing
  • Vapor-impermeable waterproofing
  • Thermal insulation
  • Smoke insulation
  • Vapor barrier
  • Air seal
  • Any special layers required for the job such as bullet resistance, burglar resistance, or blast resistance

Kazmierczak stresses that it’s important to remember the functions that are performed by a particular material to avoid common mistakes such as placing insulation below the bottom mullion and above the top mullion, causing condensation to build inside the vapor barrier.

He offers a multitude of tips, scenarios, and images in his detailed explanation of this layering technique in the original PDF found on his website.

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