Glazing Goes High Fashion – Jumbo Glass Install Showcase


Customer Name: Yves Saint Laurent

Location: Royal Hawaiian Center, Honolulu, HI (This is Yves Saint Laurent’s flagship store)

MP Drafting provided shops, engineering.

Pinnacle Engineered Products, LLC (our sister company) provided material, fabricated custom trim work with custom black matte paint to match the cladding of the other frames, and built custom crates to ship everything to HI.

This was the largest piece of glass ever installed by the glazing contractor we worked with, measuring 23 ft x 8 ft.

This glass was fabricated (and engineered) to be extremely thick in order to withstand hurricane conditions in Hawaii. It’s made of 1 5/16″ thick glass – 3 pieces of 3/8″ low iron tempered glass with .090″ interlayers between them.



Yves Saint Laurent, Royal Hawaiian Center, Honolulu, HI

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