Drafting Service Files: Two New (Free) Tools For Architectural Glazing

We’ve recently discovered two free tools designed to make architectural glazing projects a little easier as well as bring glazing contractors into the design/build process a little sooner.

The first is an online sustainability calculator (specific for the glazing industry), and the second is a specification tool to help you find the right product for your desired ‘comfort factors’.

1. The Guardian Sustainability Calculator

This is a useful tool if you’re trying to achieve green building standards like LEED, Living Building Challenge, or the WELL Building Standard.

You can choose among various architectural glass products and the calculator will output their potential contribution toward the green building standard of your choice. It’s useful if you want to understand how your choice of glazing materials will affect other green design decisions.

It’s free to use, so it’s worth a look (even if you don’t plan to use Guardian Glass products).

2. CalumenLive: The Online Glass Specification Tool

This tool will help you evaluate the technical performance of your glazing specification.

You can filter through products based on various comfort factors like light transmission levels, solar heat gain, acoustics, and external light reflectance.

You can also share your results with team members by emailing them directly from the app, or by exporting results as a PDF.

It’s free to register, so might be worth a try.

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