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How an Engineer Can Save you Time and Money

Time and money are often of the essence when undertaking any new project. This truth might make it tempting to bring on the engineer a little later and order the materials early. After all, this isn’t your first rodeo and manufacturers often have needed information on their websites to assist you in ordering.

Drafting Service Files

However, in some cases, this results in acquiring material that just won’t work structurally. At this point, you’re stuck with a whole load of material that you can’t use and now you have to adjust the budget and the schedule to ensure that you get the correct materials.

The problem isn’t necessarily with you. The problem is that the information provided on manufacturers websites isn’t reliable in all situations. Manufacturer wind load charts have been proven to be incorrect in some circumstances and changing codes and methods by engineers can render manufacturer charts unreliable. You just can’t count on the manufacturer reviews for all jobs. Most manufacturers fail to stamp their reviews. They typically default to the final P.E. for their findings.

One way to ensure that this doesn’t happen to one of your projects is to bring the engineer on earlier into the project. This might seem to add cost and lead time to shop drawings, however, think of the money, time, and hassle you’ll save by making sure that the correct materials are drawn and ordered.


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